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Script by Ainhoa Artetxe, Graciela Doniz and Alex Gerediaga

“Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one”. Marilyn Monroe

22 to 23 march 2022

“Two young actresses wake up in the house of a well-known director where they end up after a night partying; confused and still a little tipsy, they realise they are alone and locked in the flat. Resigning themselves to fate, they live together for a few hours; time that will help them to discover themselves and reveal to us who they are: two women struggling to find their place in a world of…”.

Winona & Grace talks about what it means to want to be an actress, and to achieve it. “What do we want to be?” becomes “Who are we?”. It also talks about becoming an adult, about broken dreams, disappointments and the constant demand of having to be “somebody”. It is a journey in which our two protagonists gradually find themselves amid confessions and tears, ravings, songs and laughter.

Ainhoa Artetxe and Graciela Doniz form the cast of this new stage film by Alex Gerediaga and his company Khea Ziater. Proposals that are always striking given the search for a relationship between scenic and cinematographic codes, to generate a theatre with powerful aesthetics and a particular and recognisable narrative.

The team

Cast: Ainhoa Artetxe, Graciela Doniz
Dramaturgy and direction: Alex Gerediaga
Texts: Ainhoa Artetxe, Graciela Doniz, Alex Gerediaga
Scenography and costumes: Azegiñe Urigoitia
Lighting: Oier Ituarte
Videos: Jesus Pueyo
Sound technician: Ibon Aguirre
Stage technician and projections: Javi Andraka
Coach actrices: Ariadne Serrano
Photography: Son Aoujil
Assistant director: Arrate Etxeberria
Production and distribution: Khea Ziater


22 - 19:30. Representations in Basque
23 - 19:30. Representations in Spanish


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75 min.