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The following information is provided for guidance purposes only.

Teatro Arriaga

Pza. Arriaga,1
48920 Bilbao
Teléfono 94 4163533

Technical staff´s regular working hours

7.00 am to 2:30 pm
3.30 pm to 11 pm

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading takes place behind the Theatre.

The stage is located on the second floor of the Theatre.

Materials are accessed using a service lift.

Load: 5,000 Kg. Once unloaded, lorries or trailers must be removed and taken to the lorry park.


The stage floor is wooden with 86 cm trap doors from 5 m from the stage front. Angle of stage: 0%.



Stage front: 1245 cm.
Stage left wing area: 350 cm.
Stage right wing area: 400 cm.
Total stage width: 2,200 cm.
Orchestra pit/ open thrust stage: 1,285 cm.
Stage pit: 1,200 cm


From curtain fall: 1,150 cm.
Stage left wing area: 1,200 cm.
Stage right wing area: 1,200 cm.
Orchestra pit/ open thrust stage: 300 cm.
Stage pit: 300 cm.
Open-thrust stage to curtain fall at stage opening: 180 cm.


Stage opening: 715 cm.
Stage to rigging: 1,785 cm. / useable 1,670 cm.
Rigging to ceiling: 50 cm. to 500 cm.
Stage over stalls: 80 cm. S
tage left wing area: 865 cm.
Stage right wing area: 865 cm.
Second pit: 5 m. X 10 m. X 14 m.

Cargo lift

Width: 268 cm.
Depth: 688 cm.
Elevation: 2 floors

Loading door

Width: 224 cm.
Elevation: 304 cm.

Orchestra pit

The orchestra pit has capacity for approximately 60 musicians. It comprises an elevator platform with the following dimensions: 12.85 m. X 2.47 m.

It is on 3 levels::

  • Orchestra pit
  • Stalls
  • Extension of stage


Rows 1 and 2 of the stalls

Rows 1 and 2 of the stalls are situated in the orchestra pit and form part of the official capacity of the Theatre.

Any seat cancellations must be notified and approved by the Theatre before they are put on sale to the public.

Under no circumstances must items of scenery or technicians interfere with the performance of the evacuation plan or measures to ensure the safety of members of the public or official Theatre employees.

Stage front
  •  1 stage front curtain type red guillotine.
  •  1 red American curtain.
  •  2 black harlequins (measuring between 2 and 11 m).


Stage machinery
  • 48 counterweighted dual-fly bars for 450 kg.
  • 2 motorised bars situated at the front of the stage (209 cm. safety fire curtain) and at the back (1,062 cm. safety fire curtain).
  • 6 portable variable speed motors for 500 kg.


Sound and lighting equipment

Please consult Technical Management

Theatre plans

Please consult Technical Management