“The past and the future join their dots and now I am, I let myself be and I stand upright”.

In Todas las canciones de amor the intellectual, the reflective and even the logical disappears and the emotional, the primitively human, appears in a very profound way. That place where one can get inside the other to recognise one’s own and that “transformation” cannot be explained, it happens, it occurs, in the present. From son to mother. From mother to son.

In ‘Todas las canciones de amor’ a woman – a mother – speaks to us of everyday ambiguities: “When the inexplicable repeats itself, one realises that reality has been taken over by bewilderment “. From that bewilderment a woman speaks to us at the end of her life. From mother to son. From son to mother.

Our MOTHER has no name. Those who suffer, those who unhindered seek to perceive themselves, have no name, as if through this no name we could name them all. Alzheimer’s disease, forgetfulness, memory and love.

The team

Script: Santiago Loza
Playwright: Eduard Fernández, Andrés Lima, Santiago Loza
Director: Andrés Lima
Actor: Eduard Fernández
Scenography and costume design: Beatriz San Juan
Music: Jaume Manresa
Video creation: Miquel Ángel Raió
Lighting: Valentín Álvarez
Soundscape: Enrique Mingo
Assistant director: Laura Ortega
Production: Joseba Gil


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Day 29 - 19:00h.


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