Basque music programme

The secrets of Sebastián Iradier

The tenor Francisco Corujo and the pianist Rubén Fdez. Aguirre will share some of Iradier’s best compositions

19 february 2019

Sebastián de Iradier y Salaverri (Lantziego, Araba, 20 January 1809-Vitoria-Gasteiz, 6 December 1865), one of the greatest Basque composers, studied piano and organ in Vitoria. At 9, he joined the choir of the Collegiate Church of Santa María.

In his teenage years, he played the organ in several parish churches. Meanwhile, he got interested in popular music, in vogue at Basque bourgeois parties in those days. So he learnt how to play cachuchas, boleros, seguidillas and tiranas in the guitar and the organ.

When living in Madrid, Iradier composed waltzes, polkas and other light pieces for masquerade balls, and he tried his hand at zarzuela. In Paris in 1850, he explored the local music scene, meeting composers like Rossini and celebrities who played his music.




La paloma F

La lágrima

El y ella

Los ojos negros


L’eco della tomba

Preché mio caro bene

Ecco di (gnido) il tempio

El canto

El arreglito (habanera)

¡Pobre ciego!

Los caracoles

Una ingrata

La maja

La coqueta

El curro marinero

La paloma (a dúo)


Due to unexpected yet unavoidable circumstances affecting tenor Pancho Corujo, the performance scheduled for 12 February 2019 will take place on 19 February 2019 at 7.30pm instead.

The team


The secrets of Sebastián Iradier

Tenor: Francisco Corujo

Soprano: Ruth Terán

Piano: Rubén Fdez. Aguirre


19:30 horas


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