Music of Juan Carlos Pérez and Text of Kirmen Uribe

A tribute to the lost generation that taught us to be free.

20 to 22 june 2024

According to legend, the two large rocks on Saturraran beach are two lovers. Society did not allow them to love each other, and the lovers drowned in the water. Subsequently, two large rocks emerged from the sea, in their memory.

Saturraran is the story of two women who cannot love each other. In the 1980s, Ane, the daughter of a deep-sea fisherman, and Luna, an Andalusian who arrived in a van, fall in love with each other. Trapped in the whirlwind of heroin and feeling the rejection of the neighbors, they decide to take refuge in the ruins of the Saturraran prison. José, Ane’s widowed father, will try to help them. The difficulty of accepting what is different, the onslaught of heroin and AIDS, the decline of the fishing world… Saturraran is a tribute to the lost generation that taught us to be free.

Kirmen Uribe

The team

Opera in Basque with surtitles in Spanish and English

Composer: Juan Carlos Pérez.
Libretto: Kirmen Uribe.
Musical direction: Jon Malaxetxebarria.
Stage direction: Lucía Astigarraga.
Cast and roles:
Elías Arranz – Jose.
Andrea Jiménez – Ane.
Marifé Nogales – Luna.
Botond Ódor – Miguel.
Itxaro Mentxaka - Maritxu.
Aitor Garitano - Tifoi.
Iñigo Fernández - Apaiza.
José Manuel Díaz - Tartaro.
Choir: Sociedad Coral de Bilbao.
Orchestra: Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa (BOS).
Figuration: Ugaitz Alegría, Aitzol Villahoz.
Assistant stage director: Irene Prieto.
Figure designer: Ibai Labega.
Lighting: Alberto Rodríguez Vega.
Set design: Philip Rubner.
Co-repeater pianist: Iñaki Belasko.
Gratitude: Sergio Verde, Ainhoa Etxebarria, Nerea Gartzia, María Laespada, María Ángeles Etxabe, Jon Iñaki Artetxe, Ibon Basterretxea.

A co-production of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao.

With the sponsorship of GARA.


20 of june – 19:30 h.
22 of june – 19:00 h.


20 - 42€ /con descuento

Friends of Arriaga:
from 25% to 35% DISCOUNT.

Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

Last minute discount (for above-mentioned groups, except Friends of Arriaga and groups):

Last minute discount for Young Friends of Arriaga:

People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)


90 min.