Open adaptation by Richard Sahagún of William Shakespeare's play "King Lear"

Keep back more than you show. Say less than you know.

04 to 06 november 2022

In this update of Shakespeare’s classic, the director Richard Sahagun has created a performance that immerses us in a world of ambition, power, corruption and violence, where only the power of love and justice can redeem the characters.

With the collaboration of the visual artist Fernando Bayona in the staging, the play takes on the character of an aesthetic experience, full of striking, dark, disruptive and dreamlike images that reinvent the universe of the English playwright.

A King Lear that will take us into a universe of iron and rust dominated by passions, sex, chaos and revenge. Richard Sahagun’s particular interpretation takes it into the 21st century. His poetic and aesthetic world refreshes the English classic.

The team

Text: Adaptación de Richard Sahagún.
Direction: Richard Sahagún.
- Lear: Gonzalo Cunill.
- Condesa de Gloucester: Lidia Otón.
- Kent: Emilio Tomé.
- Regan: Paule Barcenilla.
- Goneril: Helena Lanza .
- Edgar: Marc Domingo.
- Edmund: Kepa Alesso.
- Cordelia: Irati Herreros.
Espacio Escénico: Fernando Bayona/Richard Sahagún.
Set design, costume and atrezo: Fernando Bayona/Richard Sahagún.
Lighting/Sound/Audiovisual: Iñaki García (Tarima).
Executive production: Rosa Abal.
Promotion: María Díaz.
Distribution: Elena Martínez.
Collaborator: Teatro Arriaga.


Day 4 - 19:30h.
Day 5 - 19:00h.
Day 6 - 19:00h.


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