La clausura del amor

“Harsh, fierce, passionate and gruelling. The performances by Israel Elejalde and Bárbara Lennie can only be classified as earth shattering”. El País.

05 to 06 october 2016

La clausura del amor stages the splitting up of a couple. Bárbara Lennie and Israel Elejalde put themselves into the shoes of the two lovers who, confront and cross each other word by word to end a relationship that was built and destroyed several years ago.

He breaks the ice and puts forward his arguments, his complaints, his pain, his rage, his love for almost an uninterrupted hour using precise, surgical and torrential language. The words turn violent, knowing how to hurt the most. However, when he finishes speaking and is about to leave, she stops him. No, don’t go just like that. Now it is her turn to refute him, criticise him, reproach him and attack him.  She topples all of his arguments, shows him her view of the relationship, which is more passionate and more tender.  She is not going to get into his battle, as in the end she feels sorry for him because his punishment will be loneliness.

The team

Cast: Bárbara Lennie, Israel Elejalde

Stage Design: Eduardo Moreno

Lighting: Pau Fullana

Wardrobe: Sandra Espinosa

Playwright: Pascal Rambert

Translation and Adaptation: Coto Adánez

Choir: Coro de Niños de la Coral de Bilbao

Choir Conductor: José Luís Ormazabal

Production: Buxman Producciones y Kamikaze Producciones

Text and Director: Pascal Rambert