A unique, extremely original play about the end of utopias that has fascinated British audiences

17 to 18 April 2020

The great Catalan actor Pere Arquillué stars in the Spanish version of a ground-breaking production that has fascinated British audiences. A unique, extremely original text drawing on the essence of Old England to spur reflection on the end of utopias. A portrait of Great Britain as severed from its roots, inspired by Sir Hubert Parry’s 1916 hymn Jerusalem, itself based on William Blake’s verses – an extremely popular hymn in the country, even suggested as national anthem.

Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron is the decadent, self-neglected, pathetic anti-hero of this play celebrated in the West End and Broadway alike. On St George’s Day, the morning of the local county fair, Byron leaves the trailer where he lives. The local authorities are after him: they want to evict him to develop property in the area. A thug is also after him: he wants to give him a serious kicking. Is he the most hated man in town? Maybe so…


7:30 pm.


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180 minutes