Literatura eta Musika Euskaraz – Espacio Foyer


A recital that mixes poems written in a period of inflection and acoustic music about personal and human experiences.

23 january 2023
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Itziar Ugarte Irizar and Iban Yaniz are two artists from Oñati who have recently produced new works, the former as a writer and the later as a musician. Itziar has published her first book of poems “Gu gabe ere” (Even without us), which compiles 40 poems from her own personal exploration. The first book of poems by Itziar Ugarte Irizar gathers a moment, that moment in which we have everything to gain but we feel the fear of losing everything. A period of decision, discovery and new memories. The deaths of three persons close to her will be a silent earthquake at the time when the voice of these poems is shaping her universe. This will result in an increase in obsession with time and place, while the vision of the world changes and becomes more sophisticated, with the resulting uncertainty and, of course, joy.

Iban, for his part, has released his first solo album, “Itzaletik argira” (From shadow to light) which consists of ten of his own songs. The melodious, nostalgic atmospheres are complemented by a relaxing tempo and acoustic instruments. The lyrics in Basque tell us about human experiences and their own, desires, feelings and frustrations.

Itziar and Iban take it in turns to present their work in an acoustic concert, accompanied by Koldo Lizarralde, a musician from Antzuola with a lengthy career in producing music for theatre, puppetry, and poetry readings.

The team

Texts: Itziar Ugarte
Voice and guitar: Iban Yañiz
Musician: Koldo Lizarralde


Day 23 - 19:30h.


15€ /with discounts

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50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)