Basque language version, created by Ramon Agirre, of “Le vent des peupliers”.

20 january 2016

Three war veterans are in a home for ex soldiers. Enrique walks with a limp, Gustavo suffers from agoraphobia and Felipe often feels dizzy owing to the shrapnel lodged in his head… The aftermath of war. Our three heroes (four counting a small stone statue of a dog) have decided to run away from the home. But where will they go? To Indochina? To a village near by? Or to the top of the mountain where the wind blows through the poplar trees?

Arriaga Theatre was chosen by Txalo Producciones for the premiere of its Basque language version, created by Ramon Agirre, of “Le vent des peupliers” (“Heroes” in the English language version), originally by French playwright Gérald Sybleyras, and nominated for four Moliere awards. It was adapted into English by Tom Stoppard, winning the Laurence Olivier Award 2006 for best comedy.

Directed by Begoña Bilbao Lejarzegi, three superb Basque actors, Joxe Ramon Soroiz, Kandido Uranga and Ramon Agirre, are playing these three “Heroiak”.

Arriaga Theatre Premiere – performances in Basque

The team

“Le vent des peupliers” (Heroes), Gérald Sybleyras
Translation: Ramón Agirre
Cast: Joxe Ramon Soroiz, Kandido Uranga, Ramon Agirre
Music: REC
Stage Design: Asier Sancho Senosiain
Wardrobe: Cristina Martínez
Photography and poster design: Sergio Parra
Lighting: Julen Zaballa
Producer: Txalo Producciones
Director: Begoña Bilbao Lejarzegi



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1 hour 30 minutes