All family tragedies look alike

22 to 23 January 2019

Family tragedies are like a sticker that appears too often in an album. Families stage small-scale global disasters. This has been said a lot of times. The wonderful thing is everybody knows. And still, here we are: doing the same again and again, like stickers that appear too often. Let me show you the full collection of stickers:

Sticker No. 1: There’s a suicide in every family.

Sticker No. 2: There’s a case of cancer in every family.

Sticker No. 3: There’s a case of sexual abuse in every family.

Sticker No. 4: There’s at least two, even three, people struggling with alcohol in every family.

Sticker No. 5: There’s a case of domestic violence kept in the dark in every family.

Sticker No. 6: There’s someone who spends money on whores in every family.

Sticker No. 7: There’s someone who is a closeted gay in every family.

Sticker No. 8: There are things that should remain unsaid in every family.


‘Come and see how weariness beats thought.’ Pablo Gisbert


A project selected as part of the New Dramaturgies/Antzerkigintza berriak initiative, sponsored by Bilbao’s Arriaga Theatre, Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Principal Theatre and Donostia’s Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

The team


by Tamara Gutiérrez

Direction and stage design: Ramón Barea

Cast: Xabier Barrutia, Vene Herrero, Jon Ariño, Nahikari Rodríguez, Yerai Vázquez

Lighting design: Eduardo Berja

Video design: Makiaudiovisual

Production: Antzerkiz (Arriaga, Principal and Victoria Eugenia Theatre), Pabellón 6




€13 and €18 /discounts

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Tickets: €13
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Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%


90 minutes