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Dido & Aeneas

The sublime beauty of the music and the word in a spectacle to dream

03 to 04 may 2019

“Peace and I are stranger grown”

Based on the play Dido, Queen of Carthage, by Christopher Marlowe and the Opera Dido and Aeneas, by Henry Purcell with Nahum Tate’s libretto, this new Arriaga Theatre’s production is leading this two master pieces together. It tells the tragic love story of the Carthaginian Queen Dido and Aeneas, who escaped from Troy and who, having strayed from the actual sea route, landed on Carthage’s coast. A great story about wild passion, the power of feelings, ending in betrayal and farewell!

 Barbora Horáková Joly conducts this play, where she’ll be guiding a basque cast, including both performers and singers. The interpretation of this work will be realized in euskara, the texts, and in the original language, english, the music.

New production by Arriaga Theatre

The team

Music: Henry Purcell

Texts: Christopher Marlowe

Libretto: Nahum Tate

Stage direction: Barbora Horáková Joly

Musical director: Petros Bakalakos

Scenography: Eva-María Van Acker

Lighting: Michael Bauer

Costume design: Benjamin Burgunder

Choreography: James Rosental

DJ composer: Janiv Oron

Chorus director y repeater master: Carlos Imaz


Dido: Miren Gaztañaga (actress), Nerea Berraondo (singer)

Eneas: Adrián García de los Ojos(actor), León de la Guardia (singer)

Júpiter: Joseba Apaolaza

Juno: Idoia Merodio

Venus: Itziar Lazkano

Cupido: Karmele Larrinaga

Ganymed: Koldo Olabarri

Belinda: Lucía Astigarraga (actress),Naroa Intxausti (singer)

Iarbas: Mikel Losada

Ascanius: child


Chorus: Ana Sagastizabal, Ainhoa Zuazua, Alicia Manceras, Josu Cabrero, Alesander Pérez, José Manuel Díaz

Orchestra: Propitia Sydera Bilbao


New production by Arriaga Theatre





from €15 to €52 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25%
Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%: 20%
Last minute discount (for the previous groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50%
Last minute discount for Young Friend of the Arriaga: 70%
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% (in the proscenium, balcony and a companion)


2 hours No interval