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Étienne Daniel

Why are there no trees inside the house? How many trees are there in the world? What happens when a tree dies?

15 to 16 may 2021

Premiere in Bilbao

ÁR BO LA RÉ is somewhere green on an imaginary map. Its inhabitants have the custom of watering their feet, of dancing and singing with trees, of sitting and listening to what the old roots tell us. Through song, dance and drama, they show us the strength of community, the importance of caring and looking after ourselves.

Throughout, we are accompanied by Étienne Daniel’s music, well known in France for his choral music and his children’s pieces, and the verses of Alain Boudet, who has devoted much of his career to the dissemination of poetry in France, here translated and adapted into Basque.

Recommended age group: age 7+.
Family sessions: 15 May (18:00 hr) and 16 May (12:00 hr, 18:00 hr) 2021.

In Basque.

The team

Music: Étienne Daniel.
Words: Marta García.
Soloists: Ainhoa Tabuyo, Lorea López, Mattin Aisa, Enara Lardizabal.
Chorus: Easo Gazte, Easo Eskolania.
Piano: David de Oliveira.
Drumps: Nerea Quincoces.
Music director: Gorka Miranda.
Stage director: Mafalda Saloio.
Scenography: Mafalda Saloio.
Lighting: David Alkorta.
Costume: Mafalda Saloio.
Production: Quincena Musical de San Sebastián


15 - 18:00.
16 - 12:00 and 18:00.


From 10 to 16€ /discounts

Socio/a Abao infantil (hasta 15 años): 10€
Socio/a Abao: 15€
General infantil (hasta 15 años): 11€
General: 16€


65 min.