This production by Loraldia narrates the life journey of Anton Abbadia, from his place of birth in Dublin to the construction of his last palace in Hendaia.

Stage play written by Patxo Telleria, performed by Txomin Heguy with ambient music by Xabi Zeberio, Mixel Ducau and Alaia Phillips


Anton Abbadia came into this world two centuries ago in Dublin. There, he was taught to speak Basque, and it was there that he decided to embark upon his life’s journey. The final landscape on that journey was the coast of Hendaya. For there, Abbadia built his castle.

The actor-thief Txomin Heguy has taken Abbadia’s soul and will bring to the stage the values of this explorer, geographer, astronomer and cultural agent. Patxo Telleria wrote this monologue to open Loraldia for the first time, in 2015. We are now bringing a new adaptation.

Together with Txomin Heguy, a highly experienced actor, and the writer, there will be three musicians on stage: Xabi Zeberio (nyckelharpa, violin and kalimba), Mixel Ducau (guitar and clarinet) and Alaia Phillips (vocalist). The music will guide the soundtrack to the performance, taking us to Ireland, Brazil, Ethiopia, Paris, Zuberoa… Alt the helm of this multisensory show is Oier Guillan. In this production by Loraldia, the collaboration of the Metrokoadroka and Chimères theatre groups has been essential

In memoriam Aitor Mazo



The team

Guion: Patxo Telleria

Dirección: Oier Guillan

Intérprete: Txomin Heguy

Ambientación musical: Xabi Zeberio, Mixel Ducau y Alaia Phillips



07.00 eta 08.30pm


€15 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga, Lorazainak, Groups, Young people, over 65s, jobseekers, large families and people with a disability of over 33%: €10