Director: Carlos Acosta

Exuberant dance programme by the great Cuban choreographer’s company that will also perform at the Arriaga.

26 to 27 november 2021


Music: Pepe Gavilondo (1989) – Choreography : Raúl Reinoso
Illustrates the journey towards spiritual enlightenment. The vocabulary is a fusion of contemporary dance with ballet

Music by Stefan Levin (1964) and Leo Brouwer (1939) – Choreography: Pontus Lidberg
The Swedish choreographer approaches Cuban culture through Rumba, the core genre of our traditional music. Leo Brouwer’s score is the starting point that Lidberg and Stefan Levin develop to create a celebration of youth between twilight and dawn.

Music by Andy Cowton (1962) – Choreography: Russell Maliphant
The work is dazzling for its studied combination of physical movement with Michael Hulls’ lighting design and Andy Cowton’s original music, achieving an optical illusion in which the dancer seems to blend into the atmosphere. To be performed at the Arriaga Theatre by the acclaimed Cuban dancer and choreographer Carlos Acosta.

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Music by Vincenzo Lamagna (1982) – Choreography: Jorge Crecis
“Twelve”, the Spaniard Jorge Crecis designed a dance show that is also a sport, a mathematical- and physical exercise. With twelve dancers and 36 bottles of water, there is no respite for either the artists or the audience, from beginning to end.

Acosta Danza was founded on 28 September 2015 by Carlos Acosta, and was presented to the public for the first time on 8 April 2016. Immersed in the Cuban stage scene pursuing a contemporary line, without relinquishing the technical development of classical ballet, Acosta Danza responds to its creator’s need to embody the artistic vision that has been taking shape during his professional career. The formation of this artistic group is the result of the wide-ranging development of dance in Cuba, a country in which this art form is an essential manifestation of the national idiosyncrasy, and whose stage execution in the fields of ballet, contemporary dance and folklore is renowned. The choreographic repertoire includes works by Carlos Acosta, Marianela Boán, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Justin Peck, Saburo Teshigawara, Goyo Montero, Pontus Lidberg, María Rovira, Rafael Bonachela, Miguel Altunaga, Alexis Fernández (Maca), Mickael Marso, Jorge Crecis, Raúl Reinoso, among others.

Acosta Danza is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the National Council for the Performing Arts and is co-produced by the Sadler’s Wells theatre in London, one of the most important stages in Europe, home of international dance, associated with such distinguished names as Sylvie Guillem, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan; and Valid Productions, a logistics company created in the United Kingdom to manage the company internationally. The company is supported by a nation-wide artistic education system that produces graduate dancers of proven quality every year.

The company defines itself as a space for renewal, research and experimentation, not only for Cuban artists, but which is also open to the world’s creators, choreographers, musicians, designers, visual- and audiovisual artists. Its aim is to produce dance performances in full accordance with the most current notions that are being developed in the world, not only in terms of body movements, but also everything related to the stage. The company intends to become one of the most effective presentation cards of Cuban culture.

In 2021 Acosta Danza was nominated by the Dance Section of the UK Critics Circle for the UK National Dance Award as the best independent company.

The team

Dancers: Carlos Acosta (Invitado especial), Zeleidy Crespo, Laura Rodríguez, Patricia Torres, Arelys Hernández, Penélope Morejón, Liliana Menéndez, Marco Antonio Palomino, Mario Sergio Elías, Enrique Corrales, Alejandro Miñoso, Yasser Domínguez, Maikel Pons, Raúl Reinoso.

Managing Director: Carlos Acosta.
Rehearsal teacher: Verónica Corveas.
General Manager: Luis Carlos Benvenuto.
Manager: Ismel Garit.
Stage manager: Luis Carlos Benvenuto.
Stage manager assistant: Eduardo Peón.
Light engineer: Pedro Benítez.
Sound technician: Danill Massip.
Wardrobe: Yunet Uranga.
Physiatrist: Carlos Rafael Rodríguez.


26 - 19:30
27 - 19:00


From 18 to 42€ /with discounts

Friends of Arriaga:
From 25% to 35% DISCOUNT.

Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

Dance professionals:

Last minute discount (for above-mentioned groups, except Friends of Arriaga):

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People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)


80 min.