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Adriana Bilbao tells the story of her grandfather, Telmo Zarra, through the medium of dance, highlighting the human values that made him a legend.

17 november 2022

ZARRA is a dance piece that pays homage to the iconic figure of Telmo Zarraonandia (1921 – 2006), popularly known as “Zarra”, who for sixty years held the record as the top goal scorer in the Spanish league.

The production explores his origins, the memory of a town with strong footballing links and its roots in mining and industry, tracing Telmo’s story through some of the anecdotes from his life. “Zarra” was a legend in the world of football, playing for Athletic Club de Bilbao and the Spanish national side. He had a long and impressive career in a period that was radically different to our own.

Now, his granddaughter, choreographer Adriana Bilbao, is staging this production in pay tribute to his formidable greatness. Combining dance (flamenco) with elements drawn from the world of football, she shows Zarra’s characteristic strength and spirit, with all the values as a person and a sportsman that made him such a legend. He was a well-rounded footballer, an insatiable goal scorer and an inveterate sportsman… as his surname itself suggests, because “ZARRAONANDIA” means old, good and great.

Premiere at the Arriaga Theatre.

The team

Dirección: Adriana Bilbao.
Musical composition: Guillermo Guillén.
Choreography: Adriana Bilbao y elenco.
Cast: Adriana Bilbao, Carmen Bejarano, Tatiana Cuevas, Blanca Lorente, Gabriel Matías, Miriam Pérez, Magdalena Mannion, Pablo Egea and Adrian Domínguez .
Set and Costume Design: Fran López del Cerro.
Lighting Design: Alberto Rodríguez Vega.
Video projections: Alphax Estudio.
Production and distribution: Cía Adriana Bilbao y D8 Sorkuntza Faktoria.
Distribution: D8 Sorkuntza Faktoria.
Collaboration: Teatro Arriaga.


17 - 19:30.


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75 min.