Concierto – Espacio Foyer


Franz Schubert

Fundamental cycle of the history of the LIED by two great interpreters.

14 february 2023
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Winterreise (Winter Journey, in German), D. 911, is a cycle of 24 Lieder pieces for piano and voice, composed by Franz Schubert in 1827, a year before his death, on poems by Wilhelm Müller. Composition of enormous beauty and depth, Winterreise is considered as the romantic culmination of the genre in German musical culture. But its transcendence and importance have surpassed any genre and many expert musicologists define this cycle as one of the most moving in the history of music.

Now, in the exquisite foyer of the Arriaga Theatre, the outstanding countertenor Xavier Sabata will perform this fundamental cycle in the history of LIED, accompanied on piano by Francisco Poyato.

The team

Countertenor: Xavier Sabata
Piano: Francisco Poyato


Day 14 - 19:30h.


15€ /with discounts

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