by Gabriel Calderón

A fascinating black comedy which makes us weigh up our own beliefs and how far we might take them.

11 to 12 october 2023

Grace and Jack’s family live peacefully in the village of Uz, although Grace is having a terrible day. She’s just lost her job at the church and she’s worried how she’s going to feed her two kids, her autistic daughter and her teenage son who just wants to wind up his parents. In the midst of this tremendous anxiety, Grace gets an epiphany: she’s going to meet God. The Almighty is going to set her a task to restore her inner calm and happiness. Events quickly get out of hand and the village becomes a place with no rhyme nor reason.

Uz: the Village, written by Gabriel Calderón, is a fascinating black comedy which makes us consider our beliefs and the extremes to which we might take them, often with insane outcomes, making us question our most traditional values. Using poetic language laced with black humour and inspired by Biblical myths, the Uruguayan dramatist shakes our very foundations by demonstrating how far we will go when we take our faith or our love to extremes, turning us into fanatics, who are blind and insensitive to what is going on around us.

The team

Text: Gabriel Calderón.
Adaptation and director: Natalia Menéndez.
Cast: Pepe Viyuela, Nuria Mencía, Trinidad Iglesias, José Luis Alcobendas, Ruth Núñez, Ángela Chica, Jaime Soler Huete, Veki Velilla and Julio Bohigas- Couto.
Set design:Monica Boromello.
Costume: Antonio Belart.
Lighting: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (AAI).
Sound and original music: Mariano Marín.
Production: Teatro Español and La Villarroel.


Day 11 – 19:30 h.
Day 12 – 19:00 h.


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