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Último tren a Treblinka

A story that defends the fight to improve the life of children

16 to 18 january 2017

Wednesday 5th August 1942. Warsaw. An orphanage with 200 Jewish children is run by the doctor and educator, Korczak, who along with his inseparable collaborator, Stefania Wilczynska, formed a true children’s republic there. Working with children, he created a Constitution with its laws and regulations, as well as a Criminal Code.

We will be spectators (whilst feeling part of them, as we will be sitting on their bunk beds) of their last day at the orphanage and we will witness the moment when they receive the cruellest of news: they must go to the train that will take them to the gas chambers at theTreblinka concentration camp, where the Nazis had exterminated hundreds of thousands of human beings.

The show pays tribute to these victims and remembers Janusz Korczak, an exceptional human being who fought until his death to improve the life of children. Today, most of the poor in the world are still children and most children are poor.

The team

Original Idea: Ana Pimenta

Director: Mireia Gabilondo

Text: Patxo Telleria

Assistant Director: Kepa Errasti

Stage Design: Fernando Bernués

Staging: Iñigo Lacasa

Props: Julia Gysling

Wardrobe: Ana Turrillas

Music and Sound: Iñaki Salvador

Lighting Design: Xabier Lozano

Cast: Alfonso Torregrosa/Jose Ramon Soroiz, Maiken Beitia, Eneko Sagardoy, Gorka Martin, Tania Martin, Nerea Elizalde, Jon Casamayor, Mikel Laskurain, Kepa Errasti.



16 January . 08:00pm (Performances in Basque)

17 January . 11:00am (Groups performance) and 08:00 pm (Performances in Spanish)

18 January . 11:00am (Groups performance) and 08:00 pm (Performances in Spanish)


from €8 to €21 /discounts

Amigos/as del Arriaga, grupos, jóvenes, mayores 65 años, desempleados, familia numerosa y personas con discapacidad

Applicable discounts:

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% to 35%.

Groups, large families, under 30’s and over 65’s, people with a disability in excess of 33%, unemployed, disabled people in a wheelchair


1 hour 15 minutes