Teatro de la Ciudad: Medea

MEDEA: "You have yet to learn what it means to weep, wait until you grow old"

14 november 2015

Teatro de la Ciudad is the joint theatre project of Miguel del Arco, Andrés Lima and Alfredo Sanzol, an initiative that revolves around the investigation, reflection, production, and exhibition of performance.

The work developed by the participating teams culminates with the performance of three new productions, jointly produced with Madrid´s La AbadÍa Theatre: Antígona, Medea and Edipo Rey.


“You have yet to learn what it means to weep, wait until you grow old”

A woman at the height of her maturity, strength, intelligence and beauty who has done unmentionable things for the love of a man, bares her soul in order to find the words to describe the acts she will carry out to reap revenge on this man who now denies her his love. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón is surrounded by a choir of children, whose pathos leads her to murder.

“There is no greater pain than love”, according to Mede, according to Seneca. If this is so… what can we do? Have we not all felt this at some time? Medea is boldness itself. Medea rubs her whole hand in our wounds and presents us with our own fears or, rather, our pain. Or in other words, if pain is a sign of life, she presents us with our lives. That is why I fear Medea and, yet, I cannot but watch. Medea is so contrary to Seneca´s idea of virtue and yet she is so attractive to the author”.

Andrés Lima



The team

Medea: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Coryphaeus, Creon, and Jason: Andrés Lima
Nursemaid: Laura Galán
Coryphaeus: Joana Gomila

Directed and adapted by: Andrés Lima
Music: Jaume Manresa
Stage Design: Beatriz San Juan, Eduardo Moreno and Alejandro Andújar
Wardrobe: Beatriz San Juan
Lighting: Valentín Álvarez
Sound: Sandra Vicente and Enrique Mingo
Video: Miquel Àngel Raió