Teatro de la Ciudad is the joint theatre project of Miguel del Arco, Andrés Lima and Alfredo Sanzol, an initiative that revolves around the investigation, reflection, production, and exhibition of performance.

The work developed by the participating teams culminates with the performance of three new productions, jointly produced with Madrid´s La Abadía Theatre: Antígona, Medea and Edipo Rey.


“For what is destined for us, men mortal, there is no escape”

Creon and Antigone. Uncle and niece. A girl set against the highest representative of the State. A moment of unbalance in which mankind “must cling closely to himself”, hold on to his identity with all his strength.

“Neither Antigone nor Creon can give in without betraying their true selves. Both are right … Both believe they are right. Both are blinded by their respective arguments. They are deaf to anything else … The rest are stunned by “how terribly easy it is for a human being to be reduced to less than what he is or elevated to more, given that both developments are equally fatal to his identity and progress”».

Miguel del Arco



The team

Cast: Manuela Paso, Ángela Cremonte, Carmen Machi, Santi Marín, Silvia Álvarez, José Luis Martínez

Directed and adapted by: Miguel del Arco
Music: Arnau Vilà
Stage Design: Eduardo Moreno, Alejandro Andújar and Beatriz San Juan
Lighting: Juanjo Llorens
Sound: Sandra Vicente y Enrique Mingo
Wardrobe: Beatriz San Juan
Choreography: Antonio Ruz
Producers: Aitor Tejada and Jordi Buxó