By Jean-Luc Lagarce

He had always avoided his family, but when he receives bad news, he decides to go back and tell them.

17 to 19 may 2024
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Jean-Luc Lagarce wrote Tan solo el fin del mundo (Only the End of the World) in Berlin in 1990 shortly before, he had found out that he had HIV. Back then, this disease was not just an almost definitive death sentence but also a social stigma. It is impossible not to draw a link between these dreadful facts and the writing of this play. Fear of an early death runs through the entire text alongside painful social isolation, to the point that the autobiographical element seems to be present right from the start. The main character, Louis, is the same age as Lagarce, 34 years old, and knows he will die soon, in exactly a year. However, this is not an autobiographical work. It is not even a play on death, or not only about death. It revolves around family: this backbone to our existence either by confirmation or by rejection.

Louis has avoided his family for years. He has abandoned them. He escaped them to build a new life, away from the home where he grew up. When he receives the news of his impending death, he decides to return like a prodigal son to, as he says, announce his death. Even he is not sure what he’s looking for: Closure? Forgiveness for his absence? The warmth of the people he turned away from who remain loyal to him in these last stages of his life? A return to the lost paradise of childhood?

The team

Text: Jean-Luc Lagarce.
Director: Israel Elejalde.
Cast: Irene Arcos, Raúl Prieto, Eneko Sagardoy Eneko Sagardoy, María Pujalte and Yune Nogueiras.
Dancers: Gilbert Jackson.
Set Design: Monica Boromello.
Lighting Design: Paloma Parra.
Sound design: Sandra Vicente.
Costumes: Sandra Espinosa.
Musical composition: Alberto Torres.
Video design: Pedro Chamizo.
Assistant director: Pilar Valenciano.
Executive production: Pablo Ramos Escola.
Production manager: Aitor Tejada, Jordi Buxó.
Distribution: Caterina Muñoz Luceño.
A production by Teatro Español and Teatro Kamikaze.


Day 17 – 19:30 h.
Days 18 and 19 – 19:00 h.


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95 min.