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by Paco Gámez and Miguel Muñoz

Who are they? What do they want to tell us?

04 may 2022

For some time now, there has been a lot of talk about “unaccompanied foreign minors” in the news, at political rallies, on the networks. It is not the intention of this play to talk about migrant children, but to listen to them; to give them the floor to understand who they are and what they want to tell us.

That is the origin of this documentary theatre piece, which is based on fun, humour, reality and disprejudice. On stage, teenagers from diverse backgrounds present themselves and tell the story of themselves playing at drama, fleeing from established roles – neither victims nor criminals – just them, with their yearnings and difficulties in the search for a life, simply a life, without adjectives.

Sólo críos-Críos solos [Only kids-Kids only] is a play selected as part of the “Antzerkigintza berriak-New dramaturgies” initiative, promoted by the Teatro Principal of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Victoria Eugenia Theatre of Donostia and Arriaga Theatre of Bilbao.

The team

Original idea: Paco Gámez
Authors: Paco Gámez, Miguel Muñoz
Script: Paco Gámez
Cast: Sulayman Tamba, Youssef Hachad, Hamza El Manuuti, Fatou Ceesay, Ibrahim Hachad, Emmanuel William Dumbuya, Anas El Faqir, Bilal Boide, Benouarouar Ali Nazim, Mohamed Zourgui.
Choreography: Bego Krego
Physical work: Leticia
Interpretation and improvisation: Txubio Fernández de Jauregui
Vocals: Jaione Olabe
Video: Kalakalab
Photography: Marta Mas
Light and sound technician: Fa Anzuola Laño
Director: Miguel Muñoz
Coproduction: Teatro Principal de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Victoria Eugenia Theatre of Donostia-San Sebastián, Arriaga Theatre Bilbao, Zanguango Teatro Producciones


4 - 19:30h.


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