Josep Maria Pou heads up a cast filled with great names from the world of theatre, with a new text that brings to the stage the trial of a Athenian philosopher condemned to death for denouncing corruption and superstition.

As well as being one of the most famous thinkers of Ancient Athens and the teacher of Plato, Socrates is considered the father of Western thought. A sage who did not wish to write down his thoughts because he felt that everyone should develop their own, he authored the ironic expression through which Humanity today recognises its ignorance: “All I know is that I know nothing”.

The actor Josep Maria Pou portrays the thinker, in a text written and directed by Mario Gas. He brings to the stage a Socrates who will be judged and condemned to death by his fellow citizens having denounced corruption in Athens and warned against the superstition and manipulation of official religion. Accused of scorning the gods and corrupting youth, he refused to flee, as his disciplines suggested, when he was condemned to drink a glass of hemlock. And his death became one of the most famous in history.



The team

Autor y director: Mario Gas
Escenografía: Paco Azorín
Vestuario: Antonio Belart
Intérpretes: José María Pou, Carles Canut, Guillem Motos, Amparo Pamplona, Ramon Pujol, Alberto Iglesias y Pep Molina
Producción: Coproducción de Teatre Romea, Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida y Grec 2015 Festival de Barcelona