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VOL. 1 LA ODISEA by José Luis Esteban and Naiel Ibarrola

A joyous feast, similar to the ancient sacrifices that Ulysses and his companions presented to the gods.

21 november 2023

The Odyssey is an icon that steps beyond Homer’s story. Generations of readers have delved into the Odyssey: scholars, students, historians, experts, simply curious folk, travellers, film-makers, musicians, poets, painters… What is left of The Odyssey after sucking it dry for almost three thousand years? The leftovers.

SOBRAS COMPLETAS (Complete Leftovers) does not intend to adapt the Odyssey, or recreate it, or promote reading it, or even highlight its importance when forming our collective imaginary. It intends to use the story’s leftovers to feed the spectator a joyous feast, very similar to the ancient sacrifices that Ulysses and his companions presented to the gods. This is not just a thing of the past. Our lives are full of small, everyday odysseys that don’t always end well. That’s it in a nutshell. Here begins the song of our Complete Leftovers.

COMPLETE LEFTOVERS VOL. 1 THE ODYSSEY is the first episode of a much broader project with a dual aspect: stage and audiovisual. The idea is that television and performing arts should mutually refresh each other, condition each other, create a space to draw attention and become an artistic and commercial brand. In its audiovisual aspect, SOBRAS COMPLETAS is a series of eight 25-minute episodes intended for platforms. The first episode, on the Odyssey, has already been recorded.

The team

Director: Sobras Completas.
Text and actor: José Luis Esteban.
Live original music, graphics and illustrations: Naiel Ibarrola.
Stage space and costume concept: Jose Ibarrola.
Lighting: David Alcorta.
Sound design and production: Iñigo Escauriaza (Estudio El Submarino).
Teatro del Mercado photos: Manuel Minaya.
Executive production: Carmen Pérez.
Distribution: Pilar Royo.


Day 21 – 19:30 h.


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70 min.