Naiel and Jota are two entertainment androids, arriving from an uncertain and likely post-apocalyptic future, determined to save the world with their software loaded with equal parts humor and love. Their artificial intelligences are programmed to entertain humans at all costs. They draw inspiration from daily life, including their own, without pointing any fingers, with its hopes, failures, contradictions, and, above all, its small and large absurdities.

Their modern obsessions with gyms and fitness, cruises and adventures, gastronomy and its contests, countless talent shows, artificial intelligence, mathematical conjectures, or the massive invasion of English into their everyday speech serve as levers to make this Laugh Riot! Starting from the formula of stand-up comedy, the humor monologue, the show blends with a handful of original songs. Therefore, we are facing a musical stand-up in which comedy, rhythm, and emotion come together to entertain the audience.

The team

Text and performer: José Luis Esteban.
Original live music, graphics, and illustrations: Naiel Ibarrola.
Props: José Ibarrola.
Video: Sobras Completas.


14/01/2025 7:30 PM


18€ /discounts

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