By Juan Mayorga

I speculated on the fantasy that the speaker was not the author of the speech, but an actor representing him...

03 march 2022

Dressed in a tuxedo in which he does not feel entirely at ease, complying with the preceptive protocol, the playwright, or perhaps an actress friend whom he has asked to represent him at the solemn ceremony, is about to be admitted into the Academy by delivering a speech entitled Silencio (Silence).

“In my induction speech before the Royal Spanish Academy, the house of words, I speculated on the fantasy that the person delivering it might not be its author, but an actor representing me. After all, it was a speech about the theatre and, within it, going beyond words, about what belongs first and foremost to the actor: silence.

It was immediately clear to me that this speech about the theatre could itself become theatre, that is, a poetic experience in space and time, and that there would be no better interpreter to embody it than my friend and admired Blanca Portillo”. Juan Mayorga

The team

Script and direction: Juan Mayorga
Actress: Blanca Portillo
Lighting:Pedro Yagüe
Scenography and costumes: Elisa Sanz
Soundscape: Mariano García
Graphic design: Javier Portillo
Production: Avance Producciones, Entrecajas Producciones Teatrales


3 - 19:30.


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105 min.