Dramatised concert


Adventures of love and blood, from a privileged voice
Countertenor: Filippo Mineccia / Instrumental formation and vocals: Nereydas, directed by Javier Ulises Illán

Exciting performance of brilliant arias reflecting the torrid and spectacular lifestyle of the late 17th century.

02 february 2023
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Resounding and passionate. Such was the life of Giovanni Francesco Grossi (1653-1697), also known as Siface, whose personality and attractiveness did not leave his contemporaries indifferent; the singer toured Europe, reaping successes and premiering operas that would go down in history.

In this adaptation, Nereydas, the ensemble founded and directed by Javier Ulises, through the voice of Filippo Mineccia takes us into the glorious yet dark life of one of the most amazing, castrated singers of the 17th century; a man whose intense life and tragic death transport us to that place where love has a price, where being free is inconceivable.

Siface: L’amor castrato will take us on this road trip through European scenarios of the 17th century and through the emotions and passions of Siface, the castrated singer who died murdered for revenge at the foot of his carriage, only for having wanted to live, only for having loved. In this performance, Ane Pikaza, its artistic director, presents an imaginary space that will resonate the timelessness of love and violence experienced throughout the ages.

The team

Countertenor: Filipo Mineccia.
Orchestra and choir: Nereydas.
Music director: Javier Ulises Illán.
Stage management: Ane Pikaza.
Production: Teatro Arriaga.


Day 2 - 19:30h.


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