Texts by Andrés Lima, Albert Boronat, Juan Cavestany and Juan May - Directed by Andrés Lima

To what extent are we participants in our history, in our coups, in our violence... in our shocks?

10 to 12 december 2021

The director Andrés Lima, who received the Max for Best Direction with ‘Shock 1 (El Cóndor y el Puma)’, continues with ‘Shock 2 (la tormenta y la guerra)’ the surprising and complex process of theatre research based on Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine’. Shock 2 begins in the 1980s, with the conservative revolution led in Europe by Margaret Thatcher and in the USA by Ronald Reagan, and culminates in the first great shock of the 21st century: the war in Iraq, a war in which Spain was a participant. Because that is what Shock is about, reflecting on the extent to which each of us is a participant in our history, our shocks, our coups, our violence.

Theatre is emotion, it is rhythm, it is harmony and that is our proposal, our way of looking, of asking ourselves questions. Journalism is criticism, it is document, it is reflection, it is another way of looking, it is also a mirror like the theatre. The mixture of the two is Shock.

The team

Texts: Andrés Lima, Albert Boronat, Juan Cavestany, Juan Mayorga (Basado en hechos reales y textos de Olga Rodríguez y Alba Sotorra).
Dramaturgy: Andrés Lima, Albert Boronat (Inspired by ‘La doctrina del Shock’, by Naomi Klein)
Director: Andrés Lima
Cast: Antonio Durán «Morris», Alba Flores, Natalia Hernández Arévalo, María Morales, Paco Ochoa, Guillermo Toledo, Juan Vinuesa
Scenography and costumes: Beatriz San Juan
Lighting: Pedro Yagüe
Original music and Soundscape: Jaume Manresa
Video creation: Miquel Ángel Raió
Characterisation: Cécile Kretschmar
Production: Centro Dramático Nacional en colaboración con Checkin Producciones


10 - 19:00
12 - 19:00

Shock 1 and Shock 2. So that our audiences can have the experience of seeing both productions, on 10 and 11 December, there will be performances of Shock 2 at 19.00h. Those interested in buying tickets for the two shows Shock 1 and Shock 2, will be able to get a 25% discount on the performances at the Arriaga Theatre box office.


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Those interested in buying tickets for the two shows Shock 1 and Shock 2, at the Arriaga Theatre box office, will be able to get a 25% discount on the performances.


170 min.