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Telmo Irureta, Kepa Errasti

A wheelchair is not an impediment to sex, nor is it an impediment to love... or to be being loved?

03 to 04 october 2022
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They say that Ana’s heart is an empty bedroom, and Nico wants to get his tattooed. Trapped in a lift, they go from being strangers to friends. Well, this was three years ago, but travelling back in time, we live in the present what they tell us. Love, sex, loneliness and people’s prejudices are the themes.

The journalist with cerebral palsy and the candy salesperson who is immersed in contradictions, explain their emotional and sexual experiences without any inhibitions and reveal how each one of us, with our own particular paralysis, has different fears, dreams and illusions. A story of two friends, a story of personal growth tinged with humour and pain in equal parts.

The team

Playwrights: Telmo Irureta, Kepa Errasti
Director: Mireia Gabilondo
Actors: Telmo Irureta y Aitziber Garmendia
Stage setting: Fernando Bernués
Lighting design: Xabier Lozano
Costume design: Ana Turrillas
Production: Tanttaka Teatroa


Day 3 - 19:30h.

Day 4 - 19:30h.


18€ /with discounts

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