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To recover the cost of tickets purchased for cancelled shows, the procedure will be as follows:

If the tickets were purchased via Internet, the price will automatically be refunded, by crediting the credit card with which payment was made. Due to the large volume of tickets, we would ask you to please be patient.

If the tickets were purchased at the theatre, the price will be refunded once the confinement period is over, at Arriaga Theatre box office during normal working hours.


You can contact Arriaga Theatre Information Office. Monday to Fridays: 11:00-14:00 hours and 17:00-20:00 hours.



Miguel Delibes’ great novel is coming to the theatre for the first time thanks to José Sámano, with a stunning performance by José Sacristán, who steps into the role of the painter who was plunged into a creative crisis after his wife, remembered through sorrow and love, died unexpectedly of an illness.

This play tells the tale of a love story on an unbridled path toward death, which takes us back to the unequivocal Spain, speaking to us of happiness and its loss, reaching into the intimacy of each and every human being, and their emotions, on the straight and simple path of truth.

The team

Author: Miguel Delibes

Stage adaptation: José Sámano, José Sacristán, Inés Camiña

Conductor: José Samano

Actor: José Sacristán

Voice of Ana: Mercedes Sampietro

Assistant director: Inés Camiña

Sound: Mariano García

Wardrobe design: Almudena Rodríguez Huerta

Stage design: Arturo Martín Burgos

Lighting design: Manuel Fuster

Director of Production: Nur Levi

Produced by José Sámano

A production by Sabre Producciones, Pentación Espectáculos, TalyCual and AGM


7:30 pm.


from €9,50 to €25 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% discount
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, and people with a disability of more than 33%: 20% discount
Theatre professionals: 20% discount
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)


85 minutes