Three people, or four, to be more precise: Lucía is struggling with severe depression, living vicariously through Yoldi, a wonderful young woman with an intellectual disability. Yoldi takes care of the plants for José Manuel, a prestigious psychotherapist who, due to cerebral palsy, is now entirely dependent. He confides only in his psychiatrist about his very intimate relationship with Alexa, an artificial intelligence. Martina, the psychiatrist, slightly misanthropic, can’t handle it anymore. She can’t cope with life. She’s unable to help her daughter Lucía. Will she give up? Perhaps. Of course, none of the three, sorry, four, knows anything about what’s happening to the others, their disappointments, or their secrets; but there’s something undeniable: the best thing that happened to them in this life was meeting each other and having their paths cross.

This play delves into different types of loneliness, disabilities, the masks we wear to keep on living, mental illnesses, heartbreak, old age, suicide, depression, and the courage to live in a body that doesn’t move but with a mind that never stops. But it does so through comedy. Through a comedy that’s very tragic at times, so tragic that laughter is the only remedy.

The team

Authorship and Direction: Mireia Gabilondo.
Cast: Karmele Aranburu, Aitziber Garmendia, Telmo Irureta.
Assistant Director: Laia Bernués.
Set Design: Fernando Bernués.
Costume Design: Ana Turrillas.
Lighting Design: David Bernués.
Technician: Acrónica Producciones.
Distribution: Portal 71.


09/04/2025 7:30 PM Performance in Basque
10/04/2025 7:30 PM Performance in Spanish


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