Concert - Open stage space


Songs with a timeless and enduring personality, wrapped in an atmosphere as classical as it is contemporary.

30 december 2021

Ruper Ordorika presents his new album in concert, a unique album that extends his list of more than 20 and which will surely occupy an distinct place in the career of this indisputable benchmark of Basque music. In his songs, Ordorika has always achieved an equal balance of beauty and emotional depth, something only possible thanks to a relentless search for sounds and texts, and by insisting on the quality of his musicians and production processes.

In his long career, Ruper has linked up with the popular tradition – he created the trio Hiru Truku with which he recorded three albums based on research into Basque popular song – and he has also recorded and performed with international avant-garde musicians: Ben Monder, Jamie Saft, Kenny Wollesen, etc. The result is songs with a timeless and lasting personality, enveloped in an atmosphere that is as classical as it is contemporary.

The team

Guitar, violin and mandoline: Arkaitz Miner.
Bass: Lutxo Neira.
Drums: Hasier Oleaga.
Percussion: Eduardo Lazaga.
Percussion and keyboard: Nando de la Casa.


Día 30 - 19:30