New soundscapes and a greater prominence of acoustic instruments, the latest proposal of a unique artist.

29 may 2022

Quique González presents his new album, “Sur en el valle” (Cultura Rock / Varsovia Records, 2021), a title inspired by the famous wind that blows throughout the Cantabrian cornice, courier of bizarre events and behaviour associated with all kinds of legends. There is always a space for the unforeseen when the South wind blows, a halo of mystery that also extends to some passages of this collection of songs.

“Sur en el valle”, recorded in November 2020 at La Casa Murada and produced by Toni Brunet, is a serene and slow-savouring album, more reflective than narrative, in which nature and the stage settings weave the inner dialogue that winds through these 11 new songs (and one hidden track). An organic, direct sound and a restrained energy handled by a superb band that pays special attention to the dynamics. Somewhat removed from the American sounds of Quique’s other albums, “Sur en el valle” seeks new soundscapes and gives more prominence to acoustic instruments such as the double bass and the classical guitar. Old Gibson, Wurlitzer and Hammond acoustics and elegant drumming also accompany us on this journey. Written for the most part last year, inside an old GMC Vandura van parked on the top of a hill, it is ideal to listen to while driving, feeling the south wind that poses more questions than answers.

The team

Vocals and guitar: Quique González
Guitar and chorus: Toni Brunet
Bass and double bass: Jacob Reguilón
Keyboard: Raúl Bernal
Drums: Edu Olmedo


29 - 19:00h.


18€-35€ /with discounts

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People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)