In this theatre play sponsored by the Basque government in 2013, and featuring the soprano, actress and author Miren de Miguel, a woman confronts her seven capital sins; the seven men who in her 44years of life have contributed towards creating her profile of a woman in the image and likeness of the stereotype that she often revealed to them.

The main character, Enma, has a crisis after she is suddenly and unexpectedly made redundant, which is when she decides to bring an end to an emotional puzzle that does not fit together.

The team

Leading role: Miren de Miguel, soprano y actriz
Itinerant role: Kepa de la Fuente, actor
Author: Miren de Miguel
Director: Manu Gómez-Álvarez
Choreografy: Mikel del Valle
Music: Vivaldi, Haendel, Julio d´Escrivan
Vestuario: Peio Durán
Production: Ysifuera
Production assitant: Carolina Carrillo Boegeholtz