A theatrical-musical-documentary show

Three actresses, three women, immerse themselves in a world of controversy.

05 to 07 march 2021

Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza and Carolina Yuste star in Prostitución, by Andrés Lima. Based on an investigation into prostitution in Spain, the whole team spent more than a year researching in order to offer an intense performance, at times raw and bitter, but also including fierce humour that immerses the spectator in a carousel of emotions that go from spine-chilling to laughter, from sadness to understanding, from tears to fury…

“The performance starts in the street and moves to the stage, and the audience experiences desire, need, secrecy, violence, tenderness, pain, pleasure, companionship, paying for sex, charging for sex. It is important not to readily accuse these women, which is something that happens every day in a world where slavery reigns, where it is not something of the past,” explains Andrés Lima. The spectator lives through permanent conflict.

Legalization… Abolition… The important thing is to put this issue on the table, to raise questions and to stir the public in a critical debate from which they can draw their own conclusions.

Warning: This show uses stroboscopic lighting devices, which can affect people with epilepsy problems.

The team

Director: Andrés Lima.
Documentation director: Carolina Cubillo.
Actors: Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza, Carolina Yuste.
Live music: Laia Vallés.
Actress in the Video ‘Natural’: Lucía Juárez.
Video voice-over in “Natural”: Andrés Lima.
Scenography and costumes: Beatriz San Juan.
Lighting: Valentín Álvarez.
Sound/musical composition: Jaume Manresa Sound: Enrique Mingo.
Video design: Miquel Raió.
A production by: Joseba Gil.
Una producción de Checkin Producciones, Teatro Español, Molinos de Papel, Escena Nacional d´Andorra, Mamá Floriana y Asuntos Culturales.


Day 5 - 18:30.
Day 6 - 18:30.
Day 7 - 18:30.


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120 min.