When you think of melody, the sounds of the piano come immediately to mind. But this overlooks other strings, plucked here, that reigned majestically in aristocratic salons. The guitar, together with its ancestors the lute and theorbo, wove cultured textures around the voice, creating atmospheres sometimes lunar and sometimes popular (the paradox of this instrument) doing justice to the beauty of the texts set to music. This requires a virtuosity capable of both sonorous opulence and intangible ambients. This is the case of Thibaut Garcia, a young star already in the heavens, a worthy companion of Philippe Jaroussky, whose vocal beauty and imperial singing need no praise.

These two confreres take us on a vast exploration of melody, the subtleties of the English masters (Dowland with the sublime melancholy of In Darkness let me dwell and Purcell of course with the tragic “Dido’s lament”, but also Britten, his direct heir, with the very rare Il est quelqu’un sur terre) to Schubert’s dramatic Erlkönig, from Mozart’s crepuscular Abendempfindung to the Iberian splendour of Granados’ Amor y odio, mirar de la maja, passing through the typically French refinement of a song triptych to Fauré (Au bord de l’eau, Nocturne, Les berceaux), not forgetting of course À sa guitar, a melody by Poulenc which gives the programme its title and in which the composer pays homage to the genius of Ronsard. Philippe Jaroussky and Thibaut Garcia are here incomparable, attentive to the slightest inflection of the texts tackled, in a genuine fusion of words and notes.



Obras de Dowland, Purcell, Mozart, Schubert, Ravel, Granados, etc..



François Poulenc A sa guitare
Giuseppe Tommaso Giordani Caro mio bene
Francesca Caccini Chi desia di saper
John Dowland  In Darkness let me dwell
Come again
H. Purcell When I am laid (Lamento de Dido)
W. A. Mozart Abendempfindung 
Giovanni Paisiello Nel cor più non mi sento
Gioachino Rossini Di tanti palpiti. (Tancredi)
Gerardo Matos Rodríguez La Cumparsita (guitarra solo)
Enrique Granados El mirar de la maja
Franz Schubert Erköning
François Poulenc Sarabanda (guitarra solo)
Gabriel Fauré

Au bord de l’eau op. 8/1,
Nocturne op 43/2

Barbara Septembre
Federico Garcia Lorca Anda Jaleo
Bonfa Manhã de Carnaval
Reis Xodo da Baiana (guitarra solo)
Ariel Ramírez Alfonsina y el mar
Benjamin Britten Il est quelqu’un sur terre

The team

Countertenor: Philippe Jaroussky
Guitar: Thibaut Garcia


16 - 19:30


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