Pedro Páramo

Gentleness and violence combine to denounce corruption and the abuse of the oppressed

29 to 30 january 2021

One of the fundamental works of American narrative in the 20th century. Gentleness and violence combine to denounce the abuse of the oppressed. Pablo Derqui and Vicky Peña, under the direction of Mario Gas, interpret a story about corruption that talks about the mechanisms of power and how they are used throughout the world for one’s own benefit, based on events that take place in a small community.

A humble man, Pedro Páramo, becomes the chief of his village, Comala, a small community that he crushes and destroys until it becomes a ghost town. Years later, his son, Juan Preciado, returns to the village, meets the ghosts of those who once lived there and discovers who his father really was and how he took advantage of the inhabitants of the village, including his mother.

The team

Author: Juan Rulfo.
Director: Mario Gas.
Dramaturg: Pau Miró.
Actors: Pablo Derqui, Vicky Peña.
Soundscape designer: Sebastià Brosa.
Sound designer: Orestes Gas.
Costume designer: Antonio Belart.
Production: Teatro Romea, Grec 2020 Festival de Barcelona, Teatro Español.


Day 29 - 19:00h.
Day 30 - 19:00h.


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95 min.