with Victor Clavijo

Although they killed Federico and silenced his voice, it will ring out forever in the echoes of our memory.

26 november 2023

Pasión Vega travels through Federico García Lorca’s sound map along paths of music and the spoken word. Songs and poems that remind us that although Federico was killed and his voice silenced, “Lorca Sound” will ring out forever in the echoes of our memory.

This show springs forth from a new disc on which she worked closely with musician and producer Jacob Sureda. It includes “El Pequeño Vals Vienés”, that began life as a Leonard Cohen song in English (Take This Waltz), transformed by Enrique Morente, or “La Leyenda del Tiempo”, the poem included in “Así que pasen cinco años” that Ricardo Pachón put to music for the eternal voice of José Monge, known as “Camarón de la Isla”.

Using this repertoire, including voices and strings by Carlos Cano, Paco Ibáñez, Jorge Marazu, Javier Ruibal and Fito Páez, Pasión Vega not only compiles songs that would impress the voice of La Argentinita, in a respectful yet personal register, from “Café de Chinitas” to “Anda jaleo” and “Nana de Sevilla”… it also dares to evoke Manuel de Falla or crosses Federico’s “El Romance Sonámbulo” with “Ojos verdes”, the famous folk song put to music by Manuel Quiroga, using original verses by Rafael de León and Salvador Valverde, so unjustly forgotten.

The team

Voice: Pasión Vega.
Actor: Victor Clavijo.
Double bass: José Vera.
Percussion: Javier Mera “Ktumba”.
Original idea: Pasión Vega.
Dramatist and stage director: Ana López Segovia.
Original texts: Federico García Lorca.
Musical direction, arrangements and piano: Jacob Sureda.
Script: Ana López Segovia working with Antonio Romera “Chipi” and Juan José Téllez.
Costume design: Antonio García.
Lighting design: Mikel Vitores.
Sound textures and atmospheric sound: Calde Ramírez (Music Komité).
Visual creation: Patricio Hidalgo and Ramírez (Music Komité).
Staging Mimmo.