Cuartitos on stage

On /Off. La travesía, en un instante

They will fall in love with her. They will be delighted. They will want to take her home so as to continue being told of her experiences.

03 to 04 october 2016

Destiny comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, it spreads wings and flies like an angel. Others breathe fire and roar like a dragon. Faced with difficulties, there are people who prefer to resign themselves and others, armed with a sword and a shield, decide not to give up.

 Andrea tells us of her adventures and plights with a combination of freshness and optimism. She is one of those warriors who shows us the importance of the attitude we take in life.

 Lola Markaida is a versatile actress, who has had the opportunity to work in all of the genres of modern stage expression throughout her extensive artistic and professional career: theatre, television, film, events, improvisations and even acting training programmes for therapeutic and empowerment purposes.  

 Pablo Ibarluzea is a theatre actor, director and pedagogue with extensive experience on the international scene.  He is a graduate of the École Jacques Lecoq (Paris), Estudis Escénics El Timbal (Barcelona) and he trained as a clown with Philippe Gaulier (Paris), at whose school he currently works as a teacher.

The team

On /Off. The crossing, in a moment

Actress: Lola Markaida

Director and Playwright: Pablo Ibarluzea

Stage Design: Iñaki Ziarrusta

Music: Domentx Ucin

Lighting: Zigor Gorostiola

Audiovisual: Daniel Lázaro                                       




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