Olaeta Ballets Elkartea


Suare reflects on the balance between human action and nature; Ama Lurra explores Basque folklore and dances to Kepa Junkera.

13 november 2021

The Asociación Ballets Olaeta – Olaeta Ballets Elkartea presents SUARE, their new ballet production. With this work they reflect on the relationships of living beings in the habitat where they find themselves, mountain, forest, starting with the living conditions and environment of each one, seeing how they interact, in order to maintain the balance between human action and our natural habitat, and to protect and safeguard it. Their aim is to highlight the vital protective role that women play.

Furthermore, true to their tradition and essence, the Olaeta Ballets will perform AMA LURRA, a work that takes us on a journey through our land, Euskal Herria, through its folklore, transformed into ballet steps, while also paying a small tribute to Kepa Junkera, performing three works from his great musical repertoire that they consider to be very representative.

In addition to the Ballet dancers, the women’s choir “Zirzira Ahots Taldea”, under the direction of Ius Pérez; the Bilbao Sinfonietta Orchestra, directed by Iker Sánchez; Josu Camara and, of course, the Basque musicians whose works they perform, make it possible for these compositions to be performed. Worth particular mention here is the collaboration of Xabi Kaltzada, who has adapted Suare for orchestra and choir.

The team

Dancers: Olaeta Ballets Elkartea – Ballets Olaeta Asociación
Choir: Zirzira Ahots Taldea
Choir director: Ius Pérez
Orchestra: Bilbao Sinfonietta
Orchestra director Iker Sánchez
Special collaboration: Josu Cámara
Suare adaptation for orchestra and choir: Xabi Kaltzada


Día 13 - 19:00


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