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Markos Goikolea

Family comedy about the fragile beauty of dreams, those precious mechanisms that help us escape from reality.

10 to 11 january 2023
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Three years ago at Christmas dinner Elena came out of the closet, but her parents’ reaction was so distasteful that she decided to flee to London and cut the relationship. After all this time, Elena returns for Christmas to the house of her repentant parents’ with her Irish girlfriend, Cindy.

What the family doesn’t expect is that Cindy is an invisible character, a fantasy of Elena’s who takes a seat at the family table just like any other guest. After various clashes, but keen to recover the relationship with their daughter, the parents try to accept this strange presence, although they don’t quite believe in her. Throughout the evening, we get to know the dreams and fantasies that dwell in each of the characters. A diversity of beliefs that brings them into constant dispute without realising they are all looking for the same thing; an dream that will help them to live. In the meantime, Cindy’s presence takes on an entity of its own until the future of the family lies in her hands, and not believing in her ceases to be an option.

Nunca he estado en Dublin is a family comedy about the fragile beauty of dreams, those precious mechanisms that help us escape from reality into experiences that can be as liberating as they are damning. And where is the boundary between a dream and a delusion? The play poses a duel between the most cynical resignation and the most naïve optimism, a test of how far we are willing to believe, because life is nothing more than an awesome act of faith.

The team

Playwright: Markos Goikolea
Director: Mireia Gabilondo
Actors: Iñigo Aranburu, Iñigo Azpitarte, Mireia Gabilondo, Aitziber Garmendia
Scenography: Fernando Bernues
Costume design: Ana Turrillas
Lighting design: David Bernues


Day 10 - 19:30h. in Euskera

Day 11 - 19:30h. in Spanish


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