by Maria Goiricelaya

A woman, a historic trial, and a reflection of a society that may or may not have changed.

21 to 22 april 2023

In 2001 for the first time in Spanish history, a woman won a lawsuit for sexual harassment by a politician. Nevenka Fernández put a mayor in the dock for the first time, becoming the first #MeToo case in a country that agreed with her in court but publicly stigmatized her. Today this case gives us back the image of what we were to point out the progress, but also the wounds. Today, “Nevenka” remains a mirror in which the women who came before and after her gaze at themselves; a reflection of a society that has evolved, or perhaps not so much.

Histrión Teatro, founded by Nines Carrascal and Gema Matarranz, is a name synonymous with contemporary theatre. Its creative path is founded on two key elements: the defence of the text as a structural element that firmly holds the artistic concept and interpretation as a close link between the actors and the audience.

The team

Dramaturgy and Direction: Maria Goiricelaya.
Assistant Director: Ane Pikaza.
Cast: Gema Matarranz, Ales Furundarena, Marta Megías.
Design and construction of scenery: Álvaro Gómez Candela.
Lighting design: David Alcorta.
Sound space: Ibon Aguirre.
Original music: Ibon Belandia.
Costumes: Laura León.
Production management: Histrión Teatro.
Co-production with: Portal71.
In collaboration with: Inaem.
Executive production: Nines Carrascal y Sonia Espinosa.
Distribution: Nines Carrascal y Rocío Pindado (Portal71).


Day 21 - 19:30h.
Day 22 - 19:00h.


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90 min.