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by Ricardo Padilla

The stars were always there for Nancy, no matter where she was in the world.

24 to 25 october 2023

Nancy Grace Roman was a pioneer back in the day, like many women throughout history. She was the first female director at NASA and a relevant figure in science, making a name for herself in a field dominated by men.

For Nancy, the stars were always there. It didn’t matter where she was in the world, she could always look up to that starry sky and feel less lonely. At the age of four, she decorated her pictures of the moon with stars. At the age of forty, she was trying to convince the United States Government about the importance of building a space telescope to extend their exploration so much further than they might have imagined. Nancy Grace Roman will always be “the mother of the Hubble Space Telescope.” For her, tenacity had to go hand in hand with her drive to achieve.

Would you like to meet her? Eguzki Zubia is presenting a play devoted to this great astronaut. As her life draws to a close, Nancy Grace Roman recounts her wishes and achievements and invites the audience to explore the stars and the vastness of the universe. She encourages us to delve into our own curiosity with small experiments, and takes us on a trip through the universe, in an enthralling galaxy of characters and stories.

The team

Text and director Ricardo Padilla.
Cast: Eguzki Zubia.
Dramaturgical development on stage: Ena Fernández.
Development of movement on stage: Bego Krego.
Music composition: Alicia Sevilla.
Assistantship: Justi Larrinaga.
Lighting : John Luhman.
Photography and videography: Judith Voet.
Diffusion: Mónica Bonilla.
Production: NEXOTEATRO, Ricardo Padilla, Eider Amezua.
Collaboration: Teatro Arriaga.
Production assistants: Gorka Garde.
Thanks: FCAYC.

Première at Arriaga Theatre.


Days 24 and 25 – 19:30 h.


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75 min.