Dramatised concert


Dieterich Buxtehude (1637-1707)

No one will know about you, no one will know about me, no one will know about us.

14 october 2022

The piece is a staging of Dietrich Buxtehude’s 1680 concerto Membra Jesu Nostri. This cycle of seven cantatas dedicated to Christ’s feet, knees, hands, side, chest, and heart will be interspersed with a text written and performed by the actor Eneko Sagardoy about a guy who vanishes forever in a suspected motorcycle accident and the love of the person remaining

The composer’s bravery and brilliance, the rigour of his approaches, the novelty of his forms, and the persistent pursuit of excellence in each of his works are the trademarks of an artist worthy of comparison to Johann Sebastian Bach. Andoni Sierra’s excellent musical direction and the sound of the Conductus Ensemble are paired with a modern scene by Lucía Astigarraga in a production full of questions: “What do our bodies say about us? What remains of you in your dead body? What remains of us in the places where we loved each other? No one will know about you, no one will know about me, no one will know about us. If the coroner were to ask the road you lay on, I know it would whisper my name.”

Cantata Cycle in Seven Parts – BuxWV 75
I. Ad Pedes
II. Ad Genua
III. Ad Manus
IV. Ad Gatus
V. Ad Pectus
VI. Ad Cor
VII. Ad Faciem

The team

Música original: Membra Jesu Nostri, BuxWV 75 (1680)

Autor: Dieterich Buxtehude (1637-1707)

Director musical: Andoni Sierra.
Dirección, dramaturgia y escenografía: Lucia Astigarraga.
Textos e interpretación: Eneko Sagardoy.

Solistas, Coro y Ensemble instrumental: Conductus Ensemble.

Voces solistas:

Soprano I: Jone Martínez
Soprano II: Lucía Gómez
Alto: Leandro Marziotte
Alto II: Mikel Uskola
Tenor: Aitor Garitano
Bajo: Jesús García Aréjula


Soprano I: Jone Martínez, Irene Fraile, Marta García
Soprano II: Lucía Gómez, Ainhoa L. Munain, María Jesús Ugalde
Alto: Leandro Marziotte, Mikel Uskola, Larraitz Gorriño
Tenor: Aitor Garitano, Ander Sarriegi, Íñigo Fernández
Bajo: Jesús García Aréjula, Pablo Morales, Sergio Falque

Ensemble instrumental

Violín I: Leonardo Rossi
Violín II: Pablo Prieto
Viola da gamba: Lixania Fernández
Cello: Mercedes Ruíz
Contrabajo: Ventura Rico
Tiorba: Juan Carlos de Mulder
Órgano: Alice Mendizábal

La Chimera ensemble

Viola da gamba I: María Alejandra Saturno
Viola da gamba II: Sabina Colonna
Viola da gamba III: Lixania Fernández
Viola da gamba IV: Xurxo Varela
Viola da gamba V: Ventura Rico


Diseño de vestuario: Pau Aulí.
Diseño de iluminación: Alberto Rodríguez Vega.

Nueva producción del Teatro Arriaga.

Notas de agradecimiento:
Muchas gracias a la empresa Nuuk Mobility Solutions por la cesión de la moto eléctrica.
El niño Jokin Lekerika Alcayaga aparece gracias a la colaboración de la Sociedad Coral de Bilbao.


Day 14 - 19:30h.


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90 min.