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In MOOR KRAD there are no lies, no double standards, no parallel lives. Everything there is comes to light.

09 december 2022
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MOOR KRAD attempts to expose our all-too-human dark side. Those pieces of ourselves that we repress for various reasons throughout our lives and keep in the recesses of our personalities, as if they were not a part of us. The characters who inhabit this wilderness are conscious that they have a dark side, which completes them as people. That is why they do not strive to conceal their paradoxes and instead present themselves as they are.

In MOOR KRAD there are no lies, no double standards, no parallel lives. Everthing there is comes to light. Despite the fact that we are born pure, we spend a big portion of our childhood and adolescence determining which parts of ourselves to place in a bag in order to please others and be accepted; the rest we spend trying to empty it.

The main language of this production is contemporary dance, which is combined with new techniques such as krump, tutting, and urban dance. It employs themes by baroque composers such as John Dowland and Henry Purcell, which are modernised through the electronics of musicians Iar Sastre and Marc Kanou and sung live by Iosu Yeregui.

The team

Directed by Asier Zabaleta
Cast: Valerio Di Giovanni, Rafke Van Houplines, Pilar Andrés, Denis Martínez, Thiago Luiz Almeida, Iosu Yeregui
Choreography: Asier Zabaleta with the collaboration of the cast
Original music: Marc Kanou, Iñar Sastre (covers of songs by John Dowland and Henry Purcell)
Lighting design: Junky Mayo
Sound: Itziar Bote
Stage services: Eragin Stac
Set design: Pello Artola
Costume Design: Iosu Yeregui
Production: Ertza Sorkuntza Artistikoa SL


Day 9 - 19:30h.


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