Taking advantage of Miles’ obsession with sex, the cunning Palestrio hatches a brilliant plan....

14 to 18 september 2022

Miles Gloriosus, a boastful, conceited, lecherous, narcissistic soldier, has abducted a beautiful young woman and is keeping her in his house in Ephesus, where Palestrio lives, a slave in his service who already knew the young woman from before and who knows the man she really loves is not Miles. Palestrio, eager to teach his master the soldier a lesson and assisted by a neighbour who also wants to teach Miles a lesson – in Ephesus, almost everyone wants to teach Miles Gloriosus a lesson – cuts a hole in the wall between the neighbour’s house and the soldier’s, so that the lovers can meet in secret.

All becomes complicated when the lovers are discovered by another of Miles’ slaves, who is about to reveal all to master. This forces Palestrio to convince the other slave that he has not seen what he has seen, resorting to a hilarious trick where Palestrió dazzles us with his audacity and wit. The cunning Palestrio, however, is not satisfied and, taking advantage of Miles’ obsession with sex, he hatches a brilliant plan…

The team

Actors: Carlos Sobera, Ángel Pardo, Elisa Matilla, Elena Ballesteros, Juanjo Cucalón, David Tortosa, Antonio Prieto, Arianna Aragón
Director: Pep Anton Gómez
Script: Antonio Prieto
Scenography: Alejandro Contreras
Lighting design: Miguel Ángel Camacho
Costume design: Ana Ramos
Characterisation: Lolita Gómez
Original music composition: Mariano Marín
Production: Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida y Arequipa Producciones


Day 14 - 19:30h.

Day 15 - 19:30h.

Day 16 - 19:30h.

Day 17 - 19:00h.

Day 18 - 19:00h.


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