María Pagés’ civic reflection aspires to confront the myth of Flamenco with reality in order to make dance a vehicle that is hospitable, generous and committed to its environment. De Sheherazade is the latest expression of this objective.

De Sheherazade recounts in twelve choreographies an adventure that invokes some of the threads that weave the multifaceted feminine essence. The show is a powerful narrative constructed with solos and choral choreographies, perfectly entwined. Her character brings together the individual uniqueness of each performer and the overwhelming force of the group. This woman, who is all women, travels through the story and shares with the audience her knowledge, contradictions, loves, lost loves, strengths, frailties, insecurities, dissatisfactions and loneliness. She communicates with an open soul her relationship with the body, desire, motherhood and the equality that has not yet been achieved.

The choreographies bring together a feminine diversity that takes over the action to conquer the stage in a real and symbolic way. There are 13 women who storm the stage, the stage of life. Women who think, dance and sing to the rhythm of alegrías, tonás, bulerías, soleás, malagueñas, tanguillos… Women who pay homage to all the women of the world.

De Sheherazade explores popular and classical music, with a special emphasis on Moroccan music. It works with the scores, reinterprets and adapts classical fragments in a flamenco key. But fundamentally, it creates original music composed by Rubén Levaniegos, together with Sergio Ménem and David Moñiz, directed by María Pagés, based on the dramaturgical story and the lyrics created for the work. The music, therefore, is a free and generous dialogue between classical, popular and flamenco music, performed by a string and percussion quartet, accompanied by an Arabic voice and two flamenco voices.

The team

Directors: María Pagés y El Arbi El Harti
Choreography, Costume design and Musical direction:: María Pagés
Dramaturgy and lyrics: El Arbi El Harti
Music: Rubén Levaniegos, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz, María Pagés
Lighting: Olga García
Scenography: María Pagés y El Arbi El Harti
Video: Jaime Dezcallar
Costume design: María Calderón y Sandra Calderón

DANCE: María Pagés, Júlia Gimeno, Marta Gálvez, Almudena Roca, Ariana López, Meritxell Rodríguez, Nerea Pinilla, Sofía Suárez, Yardén Amir, Marina González, Raquel Guillén
VOCALS: Ana Ramón Muñoz y Cristina Pedrosa

Guitarra: Rubén Levaniegos and Isaac Muñoz
Violin: David Moñiz
Cello: Sergio Menem
Percussion: José María Uriarte


Day 29 - 19:00h.

Day 30 - 19:00h.


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