Mami Lebrun

Secrets from the past lead to a moving reflection on death and memory

03 december 2018

Egoitz and Miren are organising a tribute to their late grandmother Concha. Based on the journals they found in their grandmother’s attic, they will tell a story from her youth in a Parisian cabaret. But there is something Egoitz has not told Miren…

Mourning, passing, bidding farewell to our loved ones, keeping their memory alive… These are some of the issues that hover over the story told in this moving play about memory, regret and death, going back from the present to the 1940s. The play got the Donostia Antzerki Saria Award in 2017.

The team


by Kepa Errasti



Director: Getari Etxegarai

Cast: Ane Pikaza, Kepa Errasti, Ainara Ortega

Lighting design: David Alcorta

Set design: Eskenitek

Costume design: Xake Produkzioak

Score and arrangements: Pascal Gaigne

Assistant director: Xabier Ormazabal

Production and distribution: Xake Produzkioak





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1 hour