Madre coraje

Bertolt Brecht

La guerra siempre ha sido un negocio. Y Ana Fierling lo sabe.

From 29 october to 01 november 2020

“War is a continuation of business by other means, only that in war, big profits are not made by little people. War makes the human virtues fatal even to their possessors.

Bertolt Brecht

The Arriaga Theatre renews its commitment to its own productions and local talent. The Basque director María Goiricelaya, one of the most promising and vigorous youths in the local theatre scene, has adapted the play of Bertolt Brecht’s classic for this new production which she herself directs, with performances in Basque and Spanish.

Was is business. It has always been. Anna Fierling knows this. So she wanders with her two boys and her girl across the barbarian world around her. Serving both parties and yet neither of them, they are the protagonists of an epic tale whose main theme is the cruelty of human survival. Materialism prevails over tragedy; war makes us insensitive and we seem to be unable to learn our lessons, always making the same mistakes.

In today’s world, we are fed our daily dose of brutality by the media, and we are immune to it. This Mother Courage is far from Sweden, Germany or Poland. She is set in a timeless theatre of war that needs no definition: its references are sadly updated every day.

A new production by the Arriaga Theatre

The team

Direction and adaptation: María Goiricelaya

Playwright: Bertolt Brecht

Version in Basque and assistant director : Kepa Errasti

Stage design: José Luis Raymond (AAPEE)

Cast: Itziar Lazkano, Ione Irazabal, Ane Pikaza, Eneko Sagardoy, Mikel Losada, Miren Gaztañaga, Iñaki Urrutia, Gabriel Ocina, Alfonso Díez, Aitor Borobia, Adrián Garcia de los Ojos, Mikel Martínez, Idoia Merodio

Participación especial: Coro Euskeria de la Sociedad Coral de Bilbao
Director coro: Urko Sangroniz

Costume desing: Betitxe Saitua

Scenic movement: Eva Guerrero

Music: Zabala

Musical and vocal arrangements: Carlos Imaz

Sound space: Ibon Aguirre

Ligth desing: David Alkorta

Visuals: Estudio Gheada

Characterization: Ana Vega, Iratxe Artaza

Production assistance: Jemima Cano

Collaborations: Oficios entre Bambalinas (Pabellón 6)

Construction set design: Mambo Decorados

A new production by the Arriaga Theatre